Life Is Strange FINALE – Episode 5: Polarized [Full]

Life is Strange Finale Episode 5 Polarized Full

Hi guys! How you doin? Let’s continue with Life is Strange. Here’s Episode 5 called Polarized. It’s the last episode of the game, so enjoy this Life is Strange FINALE! Let me know what you think. And I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

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The Force Awakens Trailer

Your name hurts me.

Typewriter | Your name hurts me | The Legend of Alehamora

I’d like to wake up and none of this would have happened.
I’d go back in time to change all the moments when I pushed you away from me.
Sometimes I think of you.
Browse your body with my lips.Discover again all the things I liked about you.
I think of you even when I don’t want to.
Days become longer and your name is still stucked in my head.
Elena. Elena.
Like drums in the middle of nowhere.
Like shadows hidding the future.
Your name hurts me.
Just thinking of you and my heart breaks a little more.
It’s broken into pieces.
I think there’s no way to fix so much pain.
I think there’s no peace for this tormented mind.
Elena. Elena.
Your name hurts me.
Your memories hurt me.
And your present hurts me even more.
And your name is stucked in my head. An inert body.
Unable to put out the vacuum that fills my heart.
I’d like to wake up and none of this would have happened.
I’d like to wake up and this gray life was gone.
I’d like to go back in time.
Please don’t hate me, but sometimes I think it would have been better if we wouldn’t have met.


Hope you like this things I write. Sorry if the gramar is not perfect but I wrote this in spanish so I had to translate.

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September Geeky Haul – The Walking Dead, Marvel, Star Wars and More

Hi everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I’m back with a very special video, it’s a haul video! I wanna show you things that I’ve bought this month and this that a friend gave to me for my birthday.
Such as Marvel & The Walking Dead comic; a lot of Blue-Ray discs as Spiderman, Exmachina and more or a Funko figure.

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Game of Thrones – Episode 4 (Sons of Winter) – FULL

Let’s continue with Game of Thrones, Episode 4 Sons of Winter! Complete EPISODE!

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